Happy Halloween!

We were a little behind with carving pumpkins this year… Life activities just got in the way. We were going to have been able to carve them when Brenna was home visiting from college but that just didn’t happen.

So, October 30th was the night! Logan chose a monkey, Ethan chose a Sea Turtle, and Alyssa free handed the world. We had a fun, relaxing time! At the end, Alyssa quickly did a Pumpkin for Brenna and Kirk. It is wasn’t right not having a pumpkin for them.

On Halloween, October 31st, Logan had his class Pumpkin Party!! He was so excited for his party and that mommy was going to be there. He was also excited to be able to share juice boxes with all of his friends.

There were three different stations that the students participated in. They made tissue spiders, they made slime, and then they decorated cupcakes and got to eat them!

Later that night, Logan dressed up as the red Power Ranger. He had been wearing his costume around the house for weeks. We spent most of our evening at the church for Noah Nite. Daddy and Logan had fun playing all the games while the rest of us helped work at the different booths.


More seizure activity…

This past weekend was a rough one. On Friday morning, Logan woke up complaining of a headache but then went off to play. Daddy didn’t think much of it because that was the end of it.

Later in the morning, I got a message from Alyssa (kids had no school) that Logan was just super irritable and emotional. However, he seemed fine after lunch so we just “chalked it up” to him being hungry.

That afternoon I received another message of another concerning incident. After some discussion, Jason and I decided this must all be due to schedule changes for the past two days as the kids had Thursday and Friday off from school but dad and mom were still going to work. These kinds of changes will often throw Logan for a loop.

Friday night was filled with lots of snuggles and laying low.

Saturday was pretty laid back for little man until it was time for him to go to TT’s house for his sleepover. He was so excited! He had been counting down the days. The rest of us were going to Kirk’s football game but due to the long drive we decided it would be better for Logan to stay behind.

Sunday morning, I picked Logan up at 7:45 am. This is when we began to notice some concerning things.

My sister had reported that he woke up at 5:45 am. Her girls heard noises coming from him but they thought he was just singing in his sleep…to their credit, he has talked in his sleep before. He kind of woke up when my niece went to him and he said he wanted TT. The girls took him in to her and he went right back to sleep.

I was a little surprised to the lack of response that I got when I arrived just two hours later. By that point, he had been sleeping for 11 hours. He transferred to my arms and just laid his head down. On the way home, he fell asleep within a minute of leaving my sister’s. I got him home and started getting him ready for church. I ended up spoon feeding him his breakfast because he was “too tired”. I was completely puzzled by that comment. He also wanted to be carried to the van.

On the way to church, he told me he would just stay with me and not go to class. What? I figured it was because he had been away from me overnight and I just went with it. I figured we would try getting him to go to class once we arrived at church. Maybe if daddy took him he would change his mind.

Jason met us at the van when we arrived at church. I shared with Jason what the morning had been like, we assessed a few things, and began to wonder at that point if Logan had had a seizure that nobody knew about. His legs just seemed on the weak side when he got out of his carseat and he just didn’t have much for energy. We decided at that point that he would just stay with me for the morning. Thankfully, I had thrown the Tula carrier in just in case. So, on my back went Logan and he literally just hung out while I helped with Christmas program practice. Not once did he ask to get out…another indication that he really wasn’t feeling 100%.

After practice, my friend, Karen, and I needed to make a few extra program practice CD’s. I took Logan off of my back and had Karen watch him move just to get a different opinion. She agreed that he had some definite leg weakness and was just not himself. When he did walk, his legs had very rigid movement.

I debated as to whether or not to stay for our worship service or just take Logan home. I decided I would stay through the first part, singing, since that is something Logan enjoys and see how he responded. Well, within just a few minutes, he was fast asleep.

I held him throughout the next hour and did notice at a couple of different times some very spastic arm and leg movements. Was he having a seizure? I couldn’t tell. His breathing remained fine and he continued to sleep.

Logan woke up from his nap at the end of the service, but he did not wake up very happy. He just seemed very disturbed.

I left church with him as quickly as possible. He ate a decent lunch once we were home and just laid low for the next couple of hours.

Around 2:00pm he suddenly got this burst of energy and from then on you would have never known that anything was ever wrong. WE HAD OUR LOGAN BACK!!

Sunday evening, we had our annual church Thanksgiving banquet and he did great! He was running around and playing with the other kids. (He did spend some time on mom’s back with the carrier before the banquet started but that was to just help get him calmed down and ready to eat.)

Monday morning we informed his team at school and his neurologist, here in Bellingham, of the weekend events. His neurologist confirmed that yes, Logan had experienced at least one seizure based off of the list of symptoms we had given her and she questioned a possible second one as well.

So, what does this mean? Well, it means that Logan has had brain growth/development (he is in Kindergarten!!) and his body is needing some extra support to help manage the misfiring that is happening. We started with a slight increase in his meds last night and are praying this does the trick for a long time! We may, however, have to increase again soon should start to gain weight (which we really are praying for) or have more brain growth.

Logan did wake up this morning complaining of a headache but after giving him some Tylenol he seemed to be ok with things and willingly went to school.

I haven’t heard from school today so I’m praying that means he’s had a very uneventful day.

Fire Station field trip…

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to join Logan’s class on a very fun field trip to the fire station. We were very thankful for a beautiful fall day because we were walking as a group. We were also going with cousin Payton’s class!

When we got to the fire station there were three fire fighters waiting to talk to us about fire safety and all the different things to do in case of a fire. They also let the students do some exploring around the for station. They were able climb inside the aid unit and got to look “with their eyes” at all of the different things inside, they learned how all the different things on the fire truck worked for pumping water, and that got to spray a cone with one of the fire hoses. It was such a fun morning!

Meeting with Seattle Children’s – Neurodevelopmental Clinic

Today was a very long day! We left after getting the older kids to school to take Logan down to Seattle Children’s to meet with the Neurodevelopmental Clinic.

Our first hour was spent with the Pediatrician’s assistant. We literally went over everything about Logan’s history and the current therapies and services that he is receiving.

From there, the pediatrician, Dr. Brei, came in to see little man. He observed him for a bit and went over a few things with us and told us we were doing great with everything that implemented into Logan’s life and left it at us returning in a year to re-evaluate.

Next, the nutritionist came in. This was the part of the appointment that Jason and I were most looking forward to. Our little man is stuck on just eating rice and noodles. We push other foods on him but it’s a fight. Logan hasn’t gained weight in over 9 months. He has consistently stayed the same weight. He is growing taller which is great but we need to get some weight on our little man. Ms. Jennifer was a wealth of information for us and gave us some great tips on adding things to the current foods that he willingly eats and way to sneak in calories. I so appreciate her! She left the appointment agreeing that we could wait a year for a re-check as long as we could start to get some weight on little man. If he hasn’t gained weight in 6 months, than we have agreed to call and have an earlier visit.

The last part of the appointment was with the social worker. We were honestly the most confused about this part of the appointment. What did we need a social worker for? Well, we found out quickly that she is our go-to gal! If we are struggling to get an appointment that we need or struggling to get in contact with someone, than she is our person to help make things happen. We were so thankful to have her on our team!

In the midst of our appointments, Jason received a text telling us to check our email. I quickly checked it on my phone in between caregivers coming and going and there was a gift to Starbucks waiting for us…Coffee makes things easier! Logan loves to go to Starbucks and was so excited to hear that someone special in our lives wanted us to go and enjoy a fun treat on our way home. Thank you friend for this blessing!

Someone is starting KINDERGARTEN!

It’s hard to believe that our little man is ready for Kindergarten. We’ve spent all summer going back and forth with what to do. Many people telling us that he’s ready and yet others encouraging us to wait another year.

After meeting with school staff, we decided that this would be a good growing year for Logan. If we need to, we will talk at the end of the school year about re-doing Kindergarten. Ok, he’s going…

Logan has been super excited to go to “Big Kid” school like his sisters and brother. He’s been even more excited for the day that he gets to ride the school bus. Ugh…how can it be that he’s old enough for all of this?

Logan entered Kindergarten like a champ. He was sad when the big kids got to have three days of school before he started. But soon enough, the day came! He was ready to go!

Logan’s first couple of days were 1/2 days. It was a time for the students to get adjusted. By day 3, the kindergarteners were going full days and they haven’t looked back since.

Logan has loved school and the support team that we have for him there is amazing! Everyone there loves Logan. He has that little smile that just makes people fall in love with him.


Northwest Washington Fair!!

We love the Northwest Washington Fair! The kids enjoy going through the Hobby barn along with the animal barns. The boys LOVE the Lego creations that are submitted for show.

Logan wasn’t sure he wanted to see the chickens this year because they are noisy but everything else was a go! We made it to the dairy barn in time to watch a calf be born. Growing up, Jason and I were on farms all the time so we have seen many calves being born. The kids don’t get the opportunity to spend time on dairy farms so it’s always fun when we can experience farm life at the fair. When the calf was finally born, the boys joined in with the other children around, cheering for the momma cow and the farmers who helped her with the birth.

There is also an “Animal Experience” area at the fair where many varieties of animals are waiting for children to interact with. Some of the smaller ones, the kids are able to hold, and others, they just get to see up close.

The boys were able to spend time doing rides together and just enjoying some much needed “Brother time”! It was fun to watch them laugh together.

Silves Family Reunion

This was Logan’s first time to the extended Silves Family Reunion. There were many people who knew we had adopted but have never met Logan.

The weather was great! My brother and his wife had a big water slide set up for the littles to play on to stay cool. Logan had so much fun running around, playing with his cousins.

“Uncle” Brian (my cousin) loves kids and our older kiddos got to know him so well when they were younger. Logan hasn’t had much of an opportunity to get to spend time with “Uncle” Brian. Logan fell in love with “Uncle” Brian quickly and jumped up on his lap at the reunion. It was so neat to see the two of them create a little bond.